Week Two

Hmm… are we counting weekends?  I have calculated my 100,000 words on the basis that I will do 1,000 words a day except for weekends so perhaps not.  Anyway, here I am at the start of week two.  I did an odd 90 words on Saturday morning and then today was a bank holiday – and the World Snooker final.  So I didn’t open up Write or Die today, but threw a few words into a fresh document in between frames and inched my way towards the day’s total.

I’ve just finished (which is good, because the final is getting to be awesome!) and here’s my score:

  • Today’s words:   1182
  • Total words:        6201

Day four

Yesterday was a complete fail of a day, but even so I added 90 words.  Back to the breakfast table routine this morning, and here we are.

Today’s numbers:

  • Words written today:               1035
  • Total words:                                   5027