The Abominable Bride

OK here’s my personal fantasy about the making of the Abominable Bride. Because you must have noticed, there was no Vinette Robinson (Sally Donovan, Lestrade’s sergeant).  Why not?  Did the writers miss Sally out because there were no black people in the nineteenth century? {insert eye roll here}

No: my theory is that the part of Watson’s random inefficient servant girl Jane was originally written for Sally.  And then Vinette Robinson (in my head anyway) read the script and went “you want me to be a maid? Who isn’t even any good?? Because she’s too busy fangirling S/W??? And then she puts on a Klan hood as part of the Evil Female Conspiracy???” And then in my head Vinette said many, many blunt anglo saxon words to Messrs Moffat and co and departed into the night. Possibly twirling a cape.

As I said, personal fantasy. (OMG I’ve committed RPF!)

3 thoughts on “The Abominable Bride

  1. I’m guessing you’re the Wendy Bradley who used to write the Tube Corn column for Interzone. I enjoyed your columns very much and I’ve enjoyed what I’ve read of yours online today. I hope your schedule and health allow you to post more often as I enjoy your writing.

    Sorry to read about your recent brush with cancer and glad to hear you’re over it.

  2. Thank you! Yes, I’m that Wendy Bradley. Seems like a long, long time ago… oh. Yes, it actually WAS a long, long time ago *is old*. Thanks for the comment – glad to know someone’s still reading

    • You’re very welcome, I’m delighted to have found this blog and will be coming back for more. One thing that has always impressed me is your ability to make serious points with humour, a rare gift.

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