…the next thing

It’s my birthday on Sunday, and my family have kindly gifted me with a Disney+ subscription, so what am I doing now? Re-watching the entire Marvel film universe from the beginning, because I’m not sure whether I missed anything along the way and, much as I want to watch Wandaverse and the Falcon & Winter Soldier series I’d like to make sure I’m caught up first. Yes, I can be a completist.

So I started with Phase One and Ironman. Yes, I have seen it before, and actually it stands up rather well. Tony Stark’s revolting sexual politics aren’t intended to be admired but are a character point underscoring his initial loathsomeness. The “bad guys living in a cave” are bad but the main bad guy is the corporate suit who arms and controls them.

I quite like the idea Jeff Bridges’ character’s idea that, if you’re going to build a prosthetic suit, why not build a


prosthetic suit.

I mean, it’s daffy (those of us whose hobby is shouting “throw a car at him!” during fight scenes have plenty to enjoy) but I don’t feel I’ve wasted my time, yet.